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Grapple Bucket


The grapple bucket attachment combines the loading and leveling actions of a skid steer bucket with the “grabbing ability” of two hydraulic grapples. The grapple bucket attachment’s basic design allows it to load and grapple large and/or uneven objects as well as clean up the smallest debris. Our grapple buckets feature enclosed cylinders and hoses to protect against debris and stray limbs. We have also increased the depth of the bucket - giving it a larger loading capacity than ever before. Reinforced ribbed bottom reduces bowing and wear of the grapple bucket. With our design you will have an unobstructed view of the materials entering and exiting the skid steer attachment.


Available in 5 sizes: 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84”

Hydraulic Cylinders 
Bore - 2”
Stroke - 10”
Pins - 1.25”

Bucket Tines 
Spacings - 8.5”-9”
Thickness - .5”-4”
Material - .5”
60,000 psi min.

Grapple Tines 
Opening width -37.248”
Material - .5”
60,000 psi min.

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