- Model 300 and 600 - Universal Harrow



In cereal growing output is increasing and is given management time. In grassland output has not received the attention it needs. With earlier silage making there is no chance of selfseeding. To compensate over seeding keeps outputs high and eliminates poor quality meadows grasses from re-establishing themselves. Overseeding extends the productive life of leys. In dry years or when fields have been poached weeds often fill the gaps left lowering output. The dead grasses at the bottom must be removed before successful over seeding can take place. Successful over seeding needs three elements. The correct technology, the right grass mixture and the know how as to when and how. We are pleased to advise on this.

Aerate the sward with the GRASMASTER to remove dead grass. Any molehills are levelled and dung pats broken. One pass before over seeding and one pass when sowing should be sufficient. The GRASMASTER can evenly distribute FYM. The shallow rooting meadow grass can be controlled be harrowing. Dock seeds can lie dormant up to 60 years and are often activated by slurry.

Tines designed specifically for grassland
Previously used weeder tines are often weaker and limited in the working effect. By using the spring vertical double tine the effect on the sward is intensified. The 8mm thick tine is strong enough to withstand the heaviest of work. The curved tine top allows the vertical leg to move in every direction levelling and tearing out dead grass. 60 tines per tine field produce a tine spacing of 2.5cm.

Fertiliser spinners do not allow precise sowing and calibration; they are affected by side winds that further reduce the accuracy. Often expensive seed is wasted.

The precision of the GRASMASTER allows sowing of grass and other seeds such as Rape and other seeds. .

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