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- Model 1.5m - 3.0m - Non-Folding Grass Harrows



The rigid, non-folding Grass Harrows consist of 3 models, 1.5m, 2m and the larger model at 3m wide. All three models can be supplied with either Category 1 or 2 pins if specified at the time of order.

The OPICO Grass Harrow has revolutionised grass harrowing in recent years, larger working widths, more adjustment and aggressive spring tines mean that a better job can be achieved faster and at a lower cost. With typical working speeds of 4.5mph to 7mph the Grass Harrow is a high capacity machine, a 6m for example, is more than capable of covering over 100 acres in a normal working day. The Range Working widths range from a very handy 1.5m to 12.4m. There are rigid, mechanical and hydraulic folding units with a choice of 7mm or 8mm tines. The machines are designed for strength without the need for high horsepower and are equipped with a fully adjustable depth wheel, which works alongside the tine angle settings for maximum effectiveness. The hydraulic folding models have a single acting ram with an accumulator that applies 8-10 bar pressure over the full width of the harrow to give true contour following across the field.
Ultimate contour following ability for uneven ground

Even pressure is applied across every inch of the working width. The frame adapts to the ground contours with additional pressure being supplied from the accumulator to even the harrowing pressure across the working width.
Active harrow bed suspension on the implement frame.

A flexible harrow bed adapts to ground undulations.
Flexible bed
The flexible design of the tine beds allow them to follow the contours of the land ensuring effective coverage and even tine pressure. Each 1.5m bed has 48 tines spaced at 30mm centres apart and as well as ensuring good tine pressure onto the ground, this design allows it to self-clean as it moves through the sward.

Adjustable tine angle
Quick and simple tine angle and pressure adjustment, ground conditions will determine how aggressive tine pressure needs to be for effective harrowing. On the OPICO Grass Harrow there are 10 tine angle settings so pressure can be altered, ensuring the vibrating action of the triple coil spring tine can be maximised.

Spring tines
The Grass Harrow's spring tines are able to penetrate even the hardest of ground, ripping out dead thatch and opening up the soil surface allowing air in to the root zone to stimulate and encourage growth. The oil hardened spring wire has three times the service life of a normal sprung steel wire. Channel mounting of tine coil prevents damage to the growing tip and leaf of the grass.

The construction of the headstock consists of interlocking pieces of steel so the Grass Harrow doesn’t just rely on the welding for strength. The frames and beds are powder-coated and most of the other steel parts are anodised so your harrow will stay in good working order and looking newer for longer.

Folding system
When in transport position, the hydraulic folding models fold up between 2.5m and 3m dependant on the model of grass harrow. This allows easy transportation on the road and through narrow gateways.

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder with accumulator and hydraulic shut-off valve can be locked for safe road transport.

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