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Padsons Industries Pvt. Ltd

Gravity Separator


Padsons Gravity Separator is designed to separate particles of same size but of different specific gravity (like rain damaged insect attacked or low grade seeds). The material is fed continuously on the surface of oscillating deck attached with the Gravity Separator. The pressurized air permeates though porous deck surface made up of wire-mesh and creates fluidized bed, this cause the seed particles to orient themselves as per their specific weight. These Gravity Separators are used for Dal-mill, Floor mill, Grain cleaning merchants & seed industries and Food Processing industry. 

  • Deck Inclination in both directions (longitudinal and transverse) can be easily adjusted, while the machine is running.
  • Excellent and easy wheel arrangement for individual air control of each blower.
  • Best quality tested steel for long life.
  • Dynamically balanced blowers to avoid noise and vibration.
  • Air filter panels are easy to clean.
  • Deck can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • The air pressure indictors and deck oscillation indictors help operator to set the machine easily and get good results.
  • The Unique oscillating plates design gives trouble free performance.
  • Special quality wire mesh for longer life.

This machine is excellent for separation of Grains/ Seeds on the basis of their weight the light weight material and heavy material is separated. The machine also provided a good source of income to self help groups, Bachat Gats, Individual Farmers and Unemployed Rural Youths. 

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