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Aeration of grassland helps to prevent slurry run-off, encourages strong root growth, improves fertiliser 'take-up' and generally assists in a wide range of aspects of grassland maintenance. Grays Pasture Slitter is a rugged, heavy aerating roller, fitted with hardened steel blades which offer clean-cut performance woth prolonged blade-life. Penetration to a depth of up to 7 ½' can be achieved. The drum is water ballasted to enable the operator to vary the depth of penetration. The rotor is land-driven, eliminating the need for expensive drive-trains, reducing operating costs and eliminating the possibility of drive-train failure. Where further weight is required, this can be added in the form of concrete blocks placed in the built-in weight tray. A mounted rear roller is an option on all three models, and a towing eye is also provided as standard.

Pasture or grassland slitting has always been recognised by turf mainrenance professionals as a beneficial technique for encouraging rice growth. As pressure for enhanced grass yields in agriculture increases, the system is becoming an increasingly important one for farmers too.

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