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- Model 3P300 - 3-Point Sprayer


Great Plains 3-Point Sprayers are designed to float over rough, undulating terrain. These Sprayers feature our Level-Float design for top-of-the-line coverage with less gouging and skipping than our competitors'. Unlike most 3-point sprayers, the Great Plains 3P300 Sprayer has a capacity to hold up to 300 gallons of spray solution, allowing you to cover more acres in a day. The unique close couple design and elliptical shape enable you to lift larger quantities of solution with less lift capacity.Combine our 3P300 Sprayer with one of our 50' or 60' Cross-Fold Booms to achieve unmatched application accuracy.

Elevator holds booms tighter, eliminating the excess movement associated with parallel linkage.
RINSE TANK Standard rinse tank.
Keeps pressure equal to all nozzles and minimizes trapped chemicals

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