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Great Plains Ultra-Till - Ultimate Seedbed


Ultra-Till by Great Plains is yet another innovative option in a “systems” approach to vertical tillage. It is intended for secondary field operations and one-pass field finishing prior to planting. The Ultra-Till can be compared to a field finisher or cultivator, but with one major difference. Because it’s not equipped with shank-mounted shovels, it will not create yield-robbing horizontal soil density layers. It is these compacted layers that roots have trouble penetrating.

The Ultra-Till can be equipped with low-concavity disc blades or our exclusive Turbo Coulters on the front to effectively cut residue into manageable pieces and loosen the seedbed soil. Blade depth is controlled hydraulically. Following the front coulters or disc blades are two rows of opposing rolling harrow gangs, angled at 30°. The rear gangs move the residue back into place, leaving a smooth, firm surface for a perfect seedbed.


Rolling Harrow Modules
Prepare the perfect seedbed by leveling the ground and crushing the clods.


Hydraulic Weight Transfer
Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width.


Constant Level Hitch
The exclusive hitch design provides continuous leveling of the unit as it is raised and lowered.

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