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- Foldable Corn Headers


GRECAV corn headers fulfil the most demanding customers’ expectations as to lightness, strength and performance and provide excellent features of manoeuvrability which make the harvesting job fast and trouble-free and make transport simple and smooth. GRECAV Corn headers are easy to use and simple to adjust and maintain.

NON-FOLDABLE headers are available in versions with 4 to 10 rows. FOLDABLE headers are available in versions with 6 to 10 rows.
Row spacing : 70, 75 or 80 cm. Special versions can be provided upon demand

All versions are suitable to be equipped with highly effective stalk choppers and with two side conical augers , upon request. The choppers can be installed at a second time and can be disconnected at any time without compromising the Corn Header operation.

GRECAV foldable headers are delivered with a headlight bar, for traffic circulation.

Oil-bathed, row unit aluminium cases
Each unit is protected by an external pawl clutch that can be easily inspected.

Stalk rollers
The stalk rollers feature tungsten reinforced knife edges of simple maintenance.

Tear-Off Blades
The blades position is hydraulically controlled from the combine’s cab.

Collection chains
The chains are closed-ring type , without links. They are provided with an automatic tensioning device avoiding breaking during operation.

Plastic hoods

The sharp angle plastic hoods make the work easy even in tough conditions
The raised edges of the hoods and the rubber protections on their sides make harvesting effective, without missing corn cobs at the front.

Side transmission system
Easily accessible side transmission, with oil lubricated chain.

Front transmission
The front transmission system enables to fold and unfold the header, for transport purposes and for reaching work positions, straight from the cab.

External transmission
The external transmission is used on both non-foldable and foldable headers when they are to be installed on combines equipped with a fifth wheel.

Universal Set-up, suitable for any type Combine
The Set-up system enables the adjustment of the working angle, which guarantees the best harvesting results even in tough conditions.

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