- Model SP5K5 - Solar water pumping system for irrigation in Niger

Features: AC water pump Power: 5.5KW Voltage: 3-phase 380V AC, 50Hz Type: multi-stage centrifugal submersible pump Series: water cooling and reinforced motor suitable for solar power Max. flow: 75m3/hour Max. head: 167m Outlet: 2/2.5/3/4 inches NEMA standard: 96mm Diving depth: ≤50m Materials: Water outlet: 304 stainless steel Impeller: 304 stainless steel Pump body: 304 stainless steel Motor casing: 304 stainless steel Motor shaft: 304 stainless steel Screw: 304 stainless steel Upper guide bearing, thrust bearing base: cast iron, can be updated to be stainless steel with extra cost if needed Water quality: sand content (weight ratio) in water should not exceed 0.01%, chlorine content should not be over 400mg/L Max average daily water supply: 400m³@5.5KWh/m²/day Warranty: 18 months, extend to 2-year warranty optional with extra cost Advantages: up to 15yrs lifetime, working is reliable & stable Controller and inverter: Power: 7.5KW Input voltages: 330-710V Output voltage: AC, 3-phase

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