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- Mid-Scale Plants


Green Elephant offers solutions for a variety of needs. With its mid-scale plants Green Elephant focuses on projects that annually produce between 40.000 and 200.000 m³ of biogas. These plants are especially important for municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.

The amount of municipal solid waste is increasing daily and becoming a severe challenge for municipalities. Simultaneously the collection, transportation and disposal costs are becoming more expensive. In general, 30-40 % of municipal solid waste is organic in nature and alternative concepts, particular for the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, are becoming an attractive discharge solution compared to the conventional solution of land filling.

Another considerable amount of solid or liquid organic waste is discharged by industries. Industries with high organic loaded waste are for example:

  • Food industry: Sugar industry, bakeries, vegetable processing companies, slaughterhouses, potato processing companies, etc.
  • Beverage industry: Distilleries, breweries, soft drinks, fruit juices manufactures, etc.
  • Industrial products: Pharmaceutical and chemical industry, starch and rubber manufacture, paper industry, etc.

The agricultural sector is theoretically in the position to provide almost inexhaustible quantities of organic substrates for biogas plant. The agricultural organic substrates can be accepted by the biogas plant without any intensive treatment or processing. The most common agricultural feed stock types, which are considered for biogas plants, are manure from animals (cattle, pig, poultry, etc.) and plants (maize, grass, sorghum, etc.).

Against this background, Green Elephant has already successfully build mid-scale plants in India for various customers such as municipalities (Pune Municipal Corporation), private township developers (Nanded and Magarpatta City) and corporate institutions (TATA Consultancy Services):

The Satara Project has been build for Green Elephant India Pvt Ltd, which is a project company that is owned by the Green Elephant Group. The plant treats 600 tons of organic sugarcane waste. Approximately 70% of the annually produced raw biogas will soon be up-graded and sold to industrial customers. Currently the plant produces 28 000 m³ of gas everyday.
The plant is one of the largest up-gradation plants in whole Asia. Green Elephant India owns the plant, operates it and will transfer it after 20 years.

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