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- Iron Deficiency Corrector Liquid Fertilizer


GREEN FERRICO LIQUID makes up for iron chlorosis, as it is obtained from free amino acids and iron complexed with organic acids. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.Iron is essential in biochemical processes like photosynthesis, cellular breathing of the plants, carbohydrates metabolism, nitrogen reduction and formation of numerous enzymes. GREEN FERRICO LIQUID is recommended for preventing and improving iron deficiencies. It is a fertilizer that is easily absorbed by the plant, thus providing instantaneous results.

Guarenteed Nutrients
Iron (Fe): 7,0 % w/w.
Free amino-acids: 2,0 % w/w.

Complexing agent: organic acids.

Dosage and Applications
Foliar application:

Citrus and fruit trees:
150-300 cm3/hl. Make 4-6 applications.
Vegetables: 100-200 cm3/hl. Various applications.
Flowers and ornamental plants: 100-150 cm3/hl. Various applications.
Tropical fruit trees: 200-300 cm3/hl. Various applications.
Olives trees and vines: 200-250 cm3/hl. Make 6-7 applications.
Herbaceous and woody crops: 150-300 cm3/hl. Make 4-6 applications.


Citrus and fruit trees: 3- 6 l/ha.
Vegetables: 2-5 l/ha.
Flowers and ornamental plants: 2-4 l/ha.
Tropical fruit trees: 4-6 l/ha.
Olive trees and vines: 3-5 l/ha.
Herbaceous and woody crops: 2-4 l/ha.

GREEN FERRICO LIQUID is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products. It is not advisable to mix with mineral oils.
Maintain out of the reach of children.
Maintain away from foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed.

1 l. , 5 l. , 20 l. and 230 l. containers

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