- Organic Soil Improver


A versatile, peat free, organic rich soil conditioner that improves soil structure and growth. Ideal for use on beds, borders, lawns and allotments.Green Machine™ Organic Soil Improver is a nutrient-rich compost that improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, resulting in healthy plant growth.

  •     Sustainable - made from 100% natural ingredients
  •     Improves soil structure, fertility and appearance
  •     Improves nutrient, water and air holding capacity
  •     Provides a variety of nutrients and reduces the need for artificial fertilisers
  •     Supplies beneficial bacteria which assist nutrient uptake and help suppress soil borne diseases
  •     Improves plant health, from germination through growth and to maturity
  •     Improves drainage capabilities and reduces risk of compaction and erosion
  •     Suppresses weed germination and growth
  •     Friable - free flowing and easy to work

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