Green Thumb Eco Drip Mate Kit


The same system used by professional landscapers . . . and you won't believe how easy it is to design and install! Never lose another drop of water with Drip Mate! Size: 50 ft. Additional Characteristics: Garden Tools, Watering. Recipient: Gifts for Gardeners.

Forget about messy soaker hoses and flimsy sprinkler heads--now you can irrigate ANY small space easily and economically! This kit can water up to 25 plants and is easy to set up or rearrange.

Already very popular in Europe for balcony and rooftop gardens, the Drip Mate Kit gives you everything you need to design your own irrigation system . . . in minutes! You'd pay a landscaper dearly for the privilege of constructing a system that watered only your plants, wherever they happened to be, but Drip Mate not only lets you customize your system--it even allows you to move it around and change the design! Install it above ground or bury it in the garden; the entire system is weather-resistant enough to leave in place all winter.

Includes 50 feet of mainline tubing, 50 feet of micro-tubing, 25 spray heads, all hose connections, in-line filter, tubing punch, repair plugs, and instructions. 3 lbs, 4 oz.

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