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Zinc Deficiency: On the young shoots of plants and leaves shortening, futher more the shoots starts to dry up from the tip. Leaves fall off before maturation. The most clearest symptom of deficiency is scrub plants. Reduce in the number of fruits and buds, flowering and flower bounding early leaf falls. Zinc gets involved in plant growth hormones. It increases blooming, flower fertilizing and fruit seting. It stimulates root growth and provides resistance against cold.

The most effective way to resolve Zinc(Zn) deficiency

  • Content: greenBull contains %8 gel Zn(zinc),
  • Strongered with double chelate(carrier agent),
  • The most effective and different product in its class.


  • Foliar application: 50-75 cc/da
  • Soilar application(Drip irrigation): 300-350 cc/da

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