- Granular Algaecide/Fungicide



GreenCleanPRO is a professional strength granular algaecide that eliminates a broad spectrum of algae on contact. Through a powerful oxidation process, GreenCleanPRO breaks down the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell organisms. As GreenCleanPRO attacks the cell membrane, it penetrates the cell wall and destroys the internal structure of the cell.

GreenCleanPRO is an alternative to copper sulfate and can be used as a preventative, curative, or spot treatment. GreenCleanPRO is effective in all pH ranges and will not be affected by salinity. GreenCleanPRO does not bio-accumulate and treated waters can be used without interruption.

GreenCleanPRO can be used in all surface water applications and can also be used for hard surface applications.* Application surfaces include but are not limited to:**
Ponds, Lakes, Lagoons, Reservoir Water, Golf Course Ponds, Irrigation Ponds & Systems, Fish Ponds, Canals, Laterals, Flooded Areas, Sewage Lagoons and Fire Ponds.

Stock Tanks and Livestock Water
Floors, Walkways, Patios, Decks, Ramps, Farm Equipment, Greenhouse Benches and Walkways, Roofs, Animal Bedding and Litter, Statues/Monuments, Shorelines, Gravel, and Other Non-Painted Surfaces.

  • Immediate Algae Control
  • No Use Restrictions
  • No Bioaccumulation
  • No Mutational Resistance
  • Releases Oxygen
  • EPA Registered
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified for Drinking Water Applications
  • OMRI listed for organic production

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