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Greenhouse arch

Greenhouse arch shape, firm structure, wind load, snow load is good, suitable for vegetable cultivation and seed breeding. The longest service life of 20 years. The main arch greenhouse adopts pull rod assembly, large indoor space, low cost. Configurable shading, shading, heat preservation, fan wet curtain cooling, heating, the graft bed system.

Span of 8 m

From the 4m column

For high 3.5m

Ridge height 5.2m

The performance index:

Anti wind force is not less than 0.55kn/ square meters

Snow load of not less than 0.5kn/ square meters

The dead load of not less than 15kg/ square meters

Suspended load of not less than 15kg/ square meters

Seismic fortification intensity of 8 degree level

Maximum rainfall of not less than 150 mm /h

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