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Greenhouse Heating System



Heating is required in order to maintain the ideal climate in the greenhouse during colder periods, and to promote crop growth. HORCONEX can design and install the perfect system to maximise returns from your heating system.

To do this, we use the following types of greenhouse heating, which can also be combined:

  • Pipe rail heating
  • Vegetation heating
  • Snowmelt heating 
  • Upper heating
  • Gable heating
  • Table heating

Your greenhouse heating system will be delivered in full, complete with all the necessary supports and fixtures.

Greenhouse heating transmission calculation and design

A transmission calculation is used to establish how much heat is needed to create the ideal climate in your greenhouse. The amount of heat required, in combination with the amount of heat available, is then used to draw up a design. The heating system is designed to achieve as even a temperature profile as possible throughout the greenhouse. In addition to your needs and requirements, this also takes into account local facilities and any heat released from supplementary lighting.

Internal transport

Apart from heating your greenhouse, the heating system can also serve another purpose. Pipe rail heating has been used for years as a means of internal transport. The system works perfectly in combination pipe rail carriages. In addition to the pipe rail system, the overhead network can also be used for internal transport, acting in this case as a monorail system.

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