Greenhouse Heating Systems


One of the largest costs of operation is heating. DeCloet has developed some of the industry's best design solutions to lower your heating costs and DeCloet's design team can assist you in determining which system is right for your greenhouse operation and budget. There are many styles of greenhouse heating available to growers.

  • Approximately 80% efficiency

  • Natural Gas or Propane Fueled

  • Optional Stainless Steel heat exchangers

  • Direct Spark Ignition

  • Power Vented

  • Low installation and capital costs

  • Latest in boiler and distribution system technology

  • Provides less expensive operating costs

  • Natural Gas and Oil Fired

  • Dutch or North American boilers

  • North American designed distribution systems

  • Improved heat distribution

  • Expand your existing steam system

  • Conversions available to hot water radiant heating

  • Alternative/biomass heat systems experience.

  • Determine the best heat style and fuel source for you

We can help design a heat storage tank and delivery system that will work in conjunction with your natural gas boilers for CO2 generation as well as your biomass boiler systems.

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