Greenhouse Humidification Protects Plants


Greenhouse humidification is important because photosynthesis is slowed or stopped when humidity levels are low.  This is a stressful environment for plants, as their leaves are unable to exchange moisture, oxygen, and CO2.  As a result, plant growth rates can drop dramatically without propergreenhouse humidification.

You can turn wilting plants into thriving specimens by maintaining perfect humidity in your greenhouse at all times.  Don't leave this to chance!  Withgreenhouse humidification misting and fogging equipment from Misting Pros, you can control humidification and temperature levels perfectly.  Each of our precision regulatory tools can be automated with thermostats and humidistat controls.  So, set your optimum growing climate conditions precisely--and watch your plants grow faster and stronger.

For perfect greenhouse climates, Misting Pros offers you the following solutions:

1. Greenhouse Humidification Fans

Cool and humidify the greenhouse with these self contained greenhouse humidification fans.  These economical units are simple to install and use.  Through evaporative cooling and movement of air, they are capable of up to 35 degrees of cooling, and up to 100% humidity.  They require no high pressure misting pump, using only high speed fans and centrifugal force to spread the fog and stir up a breeze.  The result is air circulation for even temperatures and fogging for humidification and cooling.


2. Misting Fans

Misting fans are the choice if a higher level of air movement is required.  For larger greenhouses that don't already have good air movement in place, greenhouse humidification fans take care of both factors.  Create air movement of up to 13000cfm (cubic feet per minute).  This spreads the cool air around the greenhouse and gets rid of hot spots that might develop.  Then add high pressure misting in to the equation, and you add evaporative cooling power as well.  The mist is so fine that it instantly evaporates.  This evaporation actually consumes heat from the greenhouse air, and powerful cooling is the result.  Fans can be operated fan only, fan and mist, or mist only.

3. Misting Systems

If proper air circulation is already in place, choose a misting system for humidity and cooling.  Greenhouse misting works through evaporative cooling.  A high pressure pump forces water through tiny nozzles spread along the ceiling of the greenhouse.  A mist is created that drifts only for an instant before fully evaporating into the air.  When water evaporates, heat is used.  What you see is billions of tiny droplets each taking a bit of heat with them, and incredible cooling of up to 35 degrees is possible.  Humidity levels rise significantly as well.  These are very efficient systems that provide both amazing cooling...and the right humidity.

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