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Greenhouse Inflation Equipment



Double Poly Greenhouses with inflation pressure between layers were first developed at Rutgers by Dr. Bill Roberts. The air space between the layers of polyethylene provides insulation without blocking sunlight. This innovation has allowed growers in cool regions to extend their growing seasons and save up to 40% of their energy costs.

The Ken-Bar Inflation Unitsare designed to pressurize these greenhouses. All the components for a complete installation are included in one carton.

Inflation unitsare available with either 148 or 60 cubic feet per minute blowers and as single or double units. All units have connectors for inserting and attaching to the poly, metal blower mounting brackets, and 4-foot flexible ducts. Installation instructions are provided. The 148 CFM units should be used to inflate houses over 60 feet long. The 60 CFM units are designed for smaller houses up to approximately 2,200 sq ft.

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