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- Model St38/6R - Tractor


FUEL ECONOMY and VERSATILITY are important factors when you try to get the best return on investment in your tractor. LAFORGE and JOHN DEERE have worked together for 25 years in developing market leading technology in the area of integrated front 3-point systems. Farming conditions change rapidly and we know that our customers need versatile and adaptable equipment solutions to stay ahead.

GreenLink St38/6R is a heavier version of the basic GreenLink St3 hitch system designed around the JOHN DEERE 6R tractors. It’s another result of the collaboration between LAFORGE and JOHN DEERE that ensures a well integrated hitch as a complement to the heavier GreenLink St4.2 and GreenLink Pr55/6R systems. With 3.8 metric ton (8 350 LBS) lift capacity it is more than adequate for most customers that are looking for a standard front hitch for applications like cultivators, sprayers, mowers, snow blowers, etc.

A locking pin allows for folding the lower links vertically, and inward out of sight, when the hitch is not in use. GreenLink St38/6R is compatible with EASYMASS and JOHN DEERE Big Pack weights.

GreenLink St38/6R fits JOHN DEERE tractors as follows:

  • All JOHN DEERE tractor models in the 6R-Series.
  • It will also fit back to all models in the 6020-, 6030-, and 6015-Series, 7220 – 7520, and 7130 - 7530
  • PTO Compatibility: GreenLink St38/6R is compatible with the FrontPower PTO systems from LAFORGE

  • Class : Standard
  • Category : Cat_2/Cat_3N
  • Compatible With
  • Laforge Pto : Yes
  • Factory PTO : N/A
  • Factory Loader : Yes
  • Quick Attach System : hook-and-ball
  • Rated Lift Capacity : 3800 Kg/8350 LBS
  • Iso Lift Capacity :
  • Lift Range : 700 mm/27.6 inch
  • Independent Floating Lower Links : No

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