- Conservation Seeder


High ground speed – up to 7 MPH. Full width broadcast coverage, NO ROW EFFECT. Seed or overseed in any condition: Fields, Groomed Turf, Prepared ground. Abrasive-Resistant mining steel tines for extremely high wear. Front Roller aggressively drives second roller 42% faster. High quality – High precision seed cups for precise seed distribution. Seed disengagement system for aeration & seedcup safety shear pin. Reinforced Nylon or Cast Iron corrugated roller rings. Quick Hitch compatible reinforced three -point (Cat 1 & 2).

  • Three Point Hitch Cat. 1&2
  • Heavy tubular frame construction
  • All ground driven, no PTO shaft or gearbox to maintain
  • Precise seed metering cups with individual clean out gates
  • Rear roller packer rings to firm and smooth seedbed
  • Water tight seed box with agitator shaft - calibration chart and seeding rate chart
  • Driven spiked rollers crumble soil just enough for perfect seed-to-soil contact
  • Exclusive Torque Arm - keeps constant adjustable down pressure on rear cultipacker
  • Broadcast across full width of working area - no row effect as with PTO driven, knife type machines or sod drills

Being neither a grain drill nor a PTO driven seeder, the Greenscape effectively prepares the soil, drops and lightly covers the seed, and then firmly presses the soil for a perfectly prepared seedbed. It is designed to achieve a perfect pattern across the working width of the machine; no row effect as with drills or knife type overseeders.

Ground driven – no PTO shafts or gearboxes to maintain, and requires only a 35 HP (50 HP on 84” model) tractor to operate. When equipped with the optional precision small seed box and Native Seed box the Greenscape will plant virtually any type or size seed at any rate.

This machine will seed into all conditions, including primary seeding into prepared ground or overseeding into existing vegetation. Available in 60” and 84” working widths.

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