- Model ECO 60 - Log Splitter



ECO 60 Log Splitter is a effective 5.5 ton vertical electrical splitter. Has a large electric motor which runs continuously with the splitting action controlled by two sturdy levers which also act as grips for the logs.

Pushing down on both levers operates the axe which automatically retruns to the start position when the levers are released.

  • 5.5 Ton splitting force
  • Controlled by two sturdy levers, also act as log grippers
  • Gives more control over the split logs which, instead of falling to the ground as with the horizontal design, can be left on the splitting table for further splits if required
  • The height of the start position can be set by the operator to the exact lenght of the logs being split by a simple screw.
  • A variable height table
  • Weight 97kg
  • Size 53 x 85 x 101 cm
  • Oil tank 3.5 litres
  • Power source 13amp 220v x 3hp

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