- Model 2 6 - 4 6 - Working Platform



The Compact - a working platform height of 2'6' to 4'6' (shoulder height 7'6' - 9'6'). The Compact model is the smallest in the range and has a working platform height of 2' 6' to 4' 6' perfect for outdoor and indoor use around the home. If you require more height the Compact Height Extender provides an increase in height of 2' giving a working platform height range of 4' 6' to 6' 6' and a shoulder height of up to approximately 11' 6'.

These are built to a very high standard using aluminium, which makes them extremely strong, lightweight and corrosion free.

They have guardrails at each side and the front guardrail is adjustable. It can be fixed in one of two positions to suit the user, thus improving safety. A sprung button locks the guardrail into the required postion. The platform itself is very stable and is made of 'Rhino-board' which is extremely durable and has a non-slip surface.

Has four legs which are individually adjustable over a range of 24' in increments of 1/8', which allows it to cope easily with uneven ground. Each leg has a 5.5' diameter articulated foot which spreads the load and prevents it from sinking into the ground

The rungs are grooved to provide a non-slip surface and the position of the bottom, 'floating' rung, is adjustable to take into account the required height of the platform.

Supplied fully assembled and folds flat for storage.

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