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GreenStall Easy is the second generation of the original GreenStall, which is the cornerstone product to the Cow Welfare portfolio. The Art of Balance. The Marriage of Flexibility and Resistance.

The design of the stall is paramount to it’s outstanding success. Some critical components to the design are:

Lower flexible plastic pipe:

  • Flexiblity to comfortably lie down.
  • Resistance when positioned at the right height to guide the cow into the right position lying down.
  • Inclined, which ensures a lot of space for the cow’s head.

Upper plastic pipe:

  • Guides the cow going into and out of the stall.
  • Enough resistance to prevent her from turning around in the stall.

Neck rail:

  • Secured firmly to the top pipes and should not slide. Or even worse, float!
  • Wall thickness is half the thickness of the stall side pipes providing additional flexibility.
  • When firmly fixed to the top pipes it ensure that the flex is in the stall system as a unit.
  • Firm connection of the neck rail to the top pipes ensures that the top pipes are not too flexible allowing the cow to turn around.  This also stabilizes the stall and provides longevity to especially the top pipes.
  • Ensures that the flex is in the stall system as a unit (as opposed to a limp neck rail) so that the cow feels a firm but gentle resistance to: a) lie down once entering the stall or b) to step back immediately once getting up and thereby keeping the stall bed clean.

If Only Your Cows Could Say “Thanks!”

  • Flexible enough to be welcoming to the cow.  Thus cows are more relaxed.
  • Yet firm enough to ensure proper positioning.  So that cows lie more correctly.
  • Cows entering the stall, lie down more quickly.
  • Average lying time increased by 1.5 hours daily.
  • Milk production increased on average 2.2 litres.
  • No more rub marks on cows from an inflexible system.  Cull rate decreased by 8%.
  • Cows upon standing up, step back and out more quickly reducing cleaning time and bedding consumption.
  • Cleaning time for the stalls decreased significantly, reducing labour by 40%
  • Better oestrus, as the cows are in better health.

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