- Easy Solutions for Animal Welfare and Farmers Earnings


GreenStall Easy is designed to promote both animal welfare and farmers earnings. In recent years, many studies have beenmade, to define the optimal position of rest for the cows in a stable. In these reports, researchers have looked at the shape and dimensions of the cubicles, all of which have been conceived in the traditional lying stalls.

Cow-Welfare has opposed this idea. We have gone into the fields and focused on the animal's normal lying positions. Out of that focus, came the idea of flexible cubicles, a number of years ago.

Since the introduction of the first GreenStall at the end of 2007 it has boomed, from the first shows around the world, 2008 Cow-Welfare won a lot of awards, for best new product, till today where the patents are published in more or less every country, where cows are milked.

GreenStall Easy recognizable by its green color and the animals are always loaded correctly in the bedside, without getting injuries or damages. GreenStall Easy is known to increase farmers income, and the cows live longer, and never get injuries or damages. Often farmers say, that if the animals has acquired a damage or injury in a traditional barn, and come across a cubicle with GreenStall Easy, the animal acts normal again faster, something that rarely happens in a normal stable.

Cow-Welfare may be the only company offering GreenStall Easy to a farmer who builds a new barn. He gets a tested product with a long-term guarantee, the animal never gets hurt in. The animal live longer, and sleeping comfort is dramatically improved apose to conventional lie stalls. Any thought of building a new barn without using GreenStall Easy should be forgotten, once you've seen what GreenStall Easy does for the farmer and the animals.

The average of our GreenStall Easy customers experience:

  • 2,2 more milk per. cow, daily
  • Culling rate decreases with 8%
  • The time will be increased by 1 ½ hours daily
  • Cleaning time of stalls decrease drastically
  • Cost of litter greatly reduced
  • Better rut, when the cows are in better health

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