Ufkes Greentec b.v.

- Model Shark 6 - Shark Stumpgrinder



The Greentec Shark stumpgrinder is a machine build out of quality components and is calculated for providing high performance. The Shark 6 is built modular and is available with different type of motors, the Shark 8 is supplied with a variable plunger motor. This is the reason both machines have the highest capacity by each oil yield.

  • Main shaft beared in oil bath
  • Hydraulic motor seperately mounted
  • Hoses are safe mount on the top of the machine
  • Compact builded, what results in high ground clearance
  • Low maintenance driveline
  • Standard with foldable support leg
  • The stumpgrinder is equiped with a piston motor with a suction valve.
  • De Shark 6 stumpgrinder is availabe with different hydraulic motors, depending on the oil flow of the excavator.

  • Grinding wheel diameter: 660mm
  • Grinding wheel width: 25mm
  • Teeth: 2 x 16
  • Weight: ca. 230 kg
  • Pressure: 160-380 bar
  • Required oil flow: 50-130 l/min
  • For excavators: 5,5 till 12 ton

  • Weld plate
  • Hydraulic swivel (270°)
  • CW 10 quick-change
  • CW 30 quick-change
  • Extra cutting teeth on the side of the grinding wheel

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