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The selection of raw materials, in collaboration of with petrochemical industries, and the use of three-layer co-extrusion technology guarantees achievement of the highest quality plastic films for greenhouse covers. With its partnership with European manufacturers GreenZone imports various types of plastic film for the industry.

Sunlight is the primary detrimental factor in the ageing of greenhouse covers. The addition of UV stabilizers and antioxidants protects the film from the harmful effect of UV light and heat for long periods. To ensure that the film reach its recommended life span, an extra 15-20% more UV additive than required is added. This is the reason why in most cases the film stays undamaged for longer than the recommended periods. GreenZone's Polysun range of films are stabilized for 36 months' duration but are also available in 24-month and 12-month stabilization packages on request.

The thermic effect is achieved with the additions of a combination of EVA and If ra-Red (IR) additives placed in the 3 layers of the film. These additives absorb the IR radiation and reduces heat loss throughout the night. This decreases the climatic fluctuations inside the greenhouse and allows it to become 4-7 C warmer in winters and 5-7 C cooler in summer.

In the case of diffused greenhouse film the sunlight that penetrates is evenly disbursed evenly inside the greenhouse. Diffusion benefits plant growth by reducing shadows and creating more uniform light distribution. This allows light to reach even the lower parts of plants and prevents burning by direct light with creating a moderate cooling effect. GreenZone can order film with increased or decreased diffusion according to specific requirements.

With anti-drip films the droplets that form on the inside of the greenhouse's film due to condensation are eliminated. This is achieved with the addition of special additives that increases the surface temperature between the film and droplets. A continuous thin layer of water is formed that runs of to the side without dripping on the plants. By decreasing the droplets on the inside of the film the light transmission increases and the spread of disease by means of droplets decreases.

UV Blocking Films(AV)
Films which absorb UV radiation up to 375 nm. These films control the spread of certain diseases be reducing the sporulation of the relevant fungi. This reduces the movements of aphips thrips and other insects in the greenhouse .Furthermore, this additive also reduces the blackening of rose petals.

Pigmented Films
Films that incorporate selected additives and pigments to modify the light spectrum entering the greenhouse and then changing the growth behaviour of plants.

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