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The Griffith Elder Animal Weigher is a fully automatic weighing system, ideal for weighing your pigs, sheep, cows, or other livestock.

  • Single person operation
  • Electronic damping for weighing animals
  • Adjustable sides to accommodate all size of animal
  • Open topped crates for animal handling
  • Self closing gates for weighing one animal at a time

Animals can be notorious for jumping around, making accurate weighing especially difficult. The Griffith Elder livestock programs all come with electronic damping, ensuring the weight of the animal is captured accurately regardless of how much movement there is on the scale. Load cells are securely built into the crates, minimising accidental damage to livestock.

Animal crates are open topped for ease of animal handling. Self-closing gates make the system ideal for single person operation, and gates may be locked in the open or closed position, or operated manually.

Crates have optional adjustable sides, to accommodate all widths of animal. Crates may have sheeted sides to encourage through-flow, and semi-railed sides are available for teat examination. Custom specifications can be made to order.

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