- Model 7A-8 - Comminutors



Grind Hog Model 7-8 comminutors feature rugged cast-iron construction with cutting bar elements of high quality tool steel, CNC machined and surface ground for precise tolerances.  The shredding and screening capability is further enhanced through the use of SM-Cyclo gear reducers offering a 500% overload capacity.

1.0 General Specifications

There shall be furnished one (1) one only Grind HogTM Model 7A-8 Comminutor as manufactured by G.E.T. Industries Inc. with rotation in a counter-clockwise direction.

1.1 Design Criteria

The comminutor shall be designed to handle the flows indicated below, within the head loss noted.

      a)   hydraulic capacity 315 GPM (19.9 l/s)

      b)   satisfactory operation shall occur under conditions of zero flow

      c)   head loss at peak flow shall not exceed 10 inches (250)

      d)   design shall be such that the flow enters the size reduction and screening device horizontally and exists vertically downward to facilitate the flushing of solids

1.2 Rotating Drum Screen

      a)   heavy-duty Cast Ductile Iron ASTM 536, grade 60-45-18

1.3 Cutting Elements

      a)   replaceable shear bars constructed of high-quality A2 tool-steel shall be attached to the rotating drum.  Each shear bar shall be machined from solid bar stock, surface ground to establish exact   tolerance

      b)   stationary cutting bar shall be of high-quality 01 tool steel hardened to a minimum of 56 Rockwell C, and shall be reversible, allowing for four (4) sets of cutting edges prior to sharpening or replacement

      c)   all submerged fasteners shall be of stainless steel

1.4 Flanged Body

      a)   the body of the comminutor shall be of high quality cast iron and so designed to allow free unobstructed flow of influent through the unit.  A Neoprene “O” Ring shall seal the chamber, allowing for operation under conditions of abnormally high head

      b)   the inlet flange shall be 8' (200)

1.5 Motor

TEFC 1 Hp. Motor suited to outdoor weatherproof service (IP55) on _____ volt, ____ phase, ____ cycle service. Close-coupled

1.6 Drive Arrangement

      a)   the motor shall be close-coupled to a speed reducer drive, a heavy duty planetary gear of the totally enclosed non-vented type suitable for total submergence during emergencies

      b)   double seals on the output shaft shall ensure flood-proof operation through a reduction ratio of 35:1

      c)   the cycloidal reducer shall be capable of withstanding shock loads to 500% of its mechanical rating of 1.61 Hp. and be warranted for two (2) years

      d)   the drive shall have a minimum full load efficiency of 90% and be pre-lubricated with grease, requiring routing maintenance every 500 to 1,000 hours

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