- Equalizer Calf Milk Replacer – 24/17/17



Raising replacement dairy heifers with good daily live-weight gain. Optimizing rumen development through grain/water intake. Improved immunity function by providing adequate levels of protein and balanced nutrition.

  • Young animals are born with the enzymes present in their gut to properly break down and utilize milk proteins.
  • When replacing these proteins the highest quality raw material must be sourced for easy dispersion in milk replacer and optimal digestion.
  • Anti-nutritional factors, which can hinder growth, should be eliminated through proper processing.
  • A trial was conducted in a heifer raising facility looking at a Grober all milk replacer versus Grober Equalizer.
  • Our data shows no significant difference in daily gains between the two formulations.

  • Based on 125g/L
  • When a calf’s ambient temperature falls below their comfort zone (calf 1-3 weeks below 15-25°C; calf 3 weeks plus below 10°C), extra nutrition should be provided to maintain growth and maintenance requirements
    • minimum 150g extra powder for a less than 3 week old calf
    • minimum 75g extra powder for 3+ week old calf

  • Multiple feedings/day recommended to stabilize pH of the abomasum
  • Encourage a strong suckling reflex early on so that milk is absorbed into the abomasum and digested
  • Grain (and water) should be introduced early on. Allow calves to explore their environment and taste different feedstuffs
  • Clean, dry bedding will optimize growth and enhance any feeding program
  • Any abnormal events (illness, dehorning, vaccination etc) should be followed up with a greater volume of milk replacer at the next meal – calves will burn more energy when stressed. Sucking will help calm calves and nutrition will help replenish energy reserves

  • Objective is to lower bacterial counts in milk left standing
  • Facilitates high intakes of milk at an early age (in ad-lib systems)

  • Calf feeding machines are a useful tool designed to provide multiple feedings/day.
  • Warm milk replacer provided through the machines has been thoroughly mixed for even distribution of nutrients in the solution.
  • Machines still need management to ensure that they are working optimally.
  • Grober commits itself to providing technical support for your machine to provide optimal nutrition for your calves.

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