- Milk Mobile


Fuel your Calves’ Performance: The MILK MOBILE from Grober Nutrition facilitates easy Milk Replacer mixing, transport and portion controlled delivery. Field tested design: The GROBER MILK MOBILE has been field tested – its rugged tires and sleek design allows you to easily maneuver on different terrain and though tight corridors.  With a capacity of 100 L or 180 L each MILK MOBILE comes standard with a powerful mixer (220-240 volt; 60Hz),  an internal thermometer with external reader, and portion controlled dosing pump.


The horizontal, stainless steel tank and removable lid enables easy access and cleaning.  The 40 mm drain tap allows for complete drainage of detergent residues or excess Milk Replacer.

Portion Control Dial makes each feeding precise and easy

Precise Nutrition

Each GROBER MILK MOBILE is equipped with an easy to read metered scale located in the tank.  Simply add  Milk Replacer powder to the water at the recommended concentration.  The intensive mixer ensures uniform and consistent mixing results.

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