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GRODAN Grocube is a porous stone wool substrate for container and bedding cultivation based on our patented Next Generation substrate technology. The cubes retain their structure even after several years’ use. Thanks to its unique hydrophilic fibre structure, Grocube absorbs water easily and ensures better and faster resaturation. Easy irrigation via tricklers keeps the air/water ratio optimal in every season.

Product specifications

  • Stone wool cubes, 1x1x1 or 2x2x2 cm
  • Suitable for multi-year use
  • Unique hydrophilic fibre structure for easy water absorption
  • Perfect distribution of water and nutrients
  • High resaturation capacity

GRODAN Grocube application

GRODAN Grocube is ideal for container- and bed-grown plants such as anthuriums, orchids and hydrangeas. This loose substrate delivers an optimum air/water ratio, resulting in faster root penetration and strong, vigorous plants.

1. Porous, dry substrate

GRODAN Grocube has an open, porous structure. Nutrients are not bound and are easily absorbed by the plant. There is always enough air in the root environment and surplus water drains away easily. This simplifies irrigation and makes GRODAN Grocube ideal for growing crops such as anthuriums, orchids and hydrangeas.

2. Optimal use of substrate volume

The hydrophilic Next Generation fibres used in the GRODAN Grocube distribute water and nutrients uniformly throughout the whole substrate volume. So roots at the top of the substrate do not lose out. The water content (WC) is easy to replenish even after long periods with lower WC levels. The cubes have a high buffer capacity so they retain a lot of water which is easily absorbed by the plant.

3. Structure retained

Thanks to their robust, firm structure, the stone wool cubes remain intact for many years. The material does not crush or perish. The water/oxygen ratio in the substrate remains at the optimum level even after many years’ use.

4. Fast root penetration, more growing power

The combination of porous, hydrophilic stone wool cubes and plenty of air gaps between the cubes creates an ideal medium for fast root penetration and permanent growing power. This results in strong initial growth and vigorous, resilient plants. Root penetration is greatly improved compared with the previous generation. The GRODAN Grocube promotes root growth of a better quality and with a healthy colour, particularly at the top of the substrate.

5. Sustainable use of water and nutrients

GRODAN Next Generation fibres are completely inert and do not bind nutrients or crop protection products. They do not need to be rinsed at the beginning of the growing cycle. Drained water can be reused in its entirety – after disinfection, of course – right from the start of the growing period. Because the substrate does not bind nutrients or crop protection products, they are always easily absorbed by the plant. This ensures efficient, sustainable use of materials.

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