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GRODAN Vitaflor is a reliable, sturdy slab for the professional rose grower. The slab owes its benefits to the Next Generation fibre technology used in it. This ensures even distribution of water, nutrients and oxygen, both inside each slab and between slabs. Root penetration is also noticeably better. This results in a more vigorous crop with better growing power.

Product specifications

  • Multi-year slab, specially developed for rose growing
  • Sturdy, UV-resistant foil for multi-year use
  • Sturdiest slab thanks to improved fibre structure
  • Resaturation capacity 70% (from 50% after day 1)
  • Good water distribution throughout the whole slab, including at the top

GRODAN Vitaflor application

GRODAN Vitaflor is the ideal substrate for rose growers who want a robust, well-draining slab in which the roots can constantly use the entire volume. These properties offer reliability and convenience throughout the multi-year growing period.

1. Easy irrigation for rapid drainage

 The thicker fibres used in the GRODAN Vitaflor give it a lower maximum saturation level. The slab is therefore slightly drier, which many growers like. The WC remains within a safe range under all conditions, and is less likely to reach excessive levels. The slab drains quickly even after intensive irrigation. So efficient replenishment and stable pH levels are guaranteed even at low crop transpiration levels.

2. Long lifecycle

GRODAN Vitaflor contains a relatively large number of fibres that are also thicker and well interconnected. This enables the slab to maintain its sturdiness and structure over several years without sinking or becoming mushy. Its sturdiness and lower maximum saturation level guarantee that the substrate will have a well-balanced air/water ratio even after several years of use.

3. Vigorous, uniform crop

GRODAN Vitaflor’s special fibre structure ensures that water, nutrients and oxygen are uniformly distributed throughout the depth of the slab. It never dries out at the top and drains rapidly at the bottom, so there is always enough oxygen available. The result is healthy root development throughout the entire slab – the ideal basis for a strong, vigorous and resilient crop.

4. Replenishes fast

Because of its higher drain percentage, more frequent watering is not a problem for Vitaflor. So water and nutrients can be replenished even more quickly throughout the substrate. The open fibre structure keeps the water content at the right level even after intensive irrigation.

5. Sustainable use of water and nutrients

 GRODAN Next Generation fibres are completely inert and do not bind nutrients or crop protection products. They do not need to be rinsed at the beginning of the growing cycle. Drained water can be reused in its entirety – after disinfection, of course – right from the start of the growing period. Because the substrate does not bind nutrients or crop protection products, they are always easily absorbed by the plant. This ensures efficient, sustainable use of materials.

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