Model GROMIX - Cultivation Rollers Cambridge



Rolling is a very important procedure agrotechnic influencing the quality of soil cultivation.

Shafts produced by our company are equipped with O-rings with diameters of Cambridge:

  • ø 450 mm
  • ø 500 mm
  • ø 530 mm
  • ø 600 mm

The benefits of using shafts of Cambridge are:

  • alignment of the field and the breakdown of solids
  • improvement of seed to soil contact
  • moisture retention
  • reduce soil erosion and improve soil structure

GROMIX shafts can be safely used for stubble cultivation in order to speed up the process of decay remnants of straw and seed germination. These machines can also be used on grassland.

Standard Equipment:

  • frame of the clip,
  • parking support
  • wheels
  • transport protection
  • three sections of the shafts of Cambridge
  • hydraulics

Additional Equipment:

  • types of rings ø 450, ø 500, ø 530, ø 600
  • simple pole at the bottom
  • lighting

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