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Grotop Expert is based on the Next Generation technology. With its unique hydrophilic fibres and vertical fibre structure – resulting in a high resaturation capacity - the slab is perfectly suited for Precision Growing. Grotop Expert represents the ultimate solution for growers seeking a substrate with a wide control range, a rapid start to cultivation and exceptional vigour throughout the entire cultivation period.

Product Specifications

  • Single-season slab
  • Vertical fibre structure
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre (NGS) technology
  • High resaturation capacity, 67% (one day from 50%)
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the slab (incl. graph)

Grotop Expert application

Grotop Expert is the ideal substrate for growing tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers. Applied with tomatoes and sweet peppers, it leads to uniform crop development, strong initial growth and efficient use of water and fertilizers. With cucumbers, it also boosts an excellent transition from stem to lateral cucumbers. Combined with the Plantop Delta block or the GRODAN Pro block, it forms the best block / slab combination to maximise your potential.

1. Rapid leaf area development

The vertical fibre structure encourages rapid root penetration and strong vegetative growth right from the start of the cultivation. Thanks to the higher number of roots in the slab and their more homogenous distribution, the plants are able to absorb water and nutrients with greater ease. The result is a plant which builds leaf area more quickly.

2. Synchronise plant and climate management

Thanks to Grotop Expert, growers can steer plant development based on low WC with a high, but stable EC. This excellent irrigation efficiency results in a lower 24-hour drain percentage as well as a lower nutrient input. In combination with a climate strategy that supports a low energy input this offers the additional benefit of a customised irrigation strategy. This makes it easy to steer plant development in line with various climate management strategies designed to reduce the energy input and maintain a stable substrate EC during changeable weather conditions.

3. Maximise production and quality

Thanks to its outstanding resaturation properties and uniformity, the WC and EC levels in the Grotop Expert can be adjusted to different values depending on the outdoor conditions. Reaching higher levels again is simple. The root zone environment can be used to steer and balance the crop in line with energy management strategies, thereby maximising production and quality.

4. Controlled growth during cultivation

Grotop Expert offers a wide WC control range, allowing the water content to be steered between 50% and 80%. The wide control range gives growers complete control to steer crop growth in the required direction during every phase of cultivation. A generative crop response can still be achieved at a low water content level, without losing any of the power of vegetative growth.

5. Sustainable water and nutrient use

GRODAN Next Generation fibres do not bind water or nutrients and do not require flushing at the start of the cultivation cycle. A targeted application of water and nutrients from the start of the cultivation cycle enables sustainable water and fertilizer use. In combination with other management strategies this also facilitates improved crop steering and better initial setting and fruit development – resulting in resilient plants that give high production.

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