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Grotop Master has a unique, dual-density structure which promotes outstanding root distribution throughout the slab to secure optimal uptake of water and nutrients during the cultivation cycle. The crop will exhibit vigorous growth even in periods of high radiation and maintains high production levels and excellent fruit quality. The Next Generation Substrate technology also makes the slab ideally suited to Precision Growing - allowing you to achieve maximum synergy between root zone and climate management strategies designed to steer crop development.

Product Specifications

  • Single-season slab
  • Unique dual density structure
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre (NGS) technology
  • High re-saturation capacity, 72% (Saturates from 50% to 72% in a single day)
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the slab

Grotop Expert application

Grotop Master is the ideal slab for growers who want to use a combination of root zone management and climate management as a tool to achieve maximum generative or vegetative steering of the chosen variety to produce high yielding, profitable crops. Grotop Master is the most widely used substrate for tomatoes worldwide. In combination with a Plantop Delta block it offers growers maximum plant balance.

1. Optimal control

Using a targeted irrigation strategy to manage substrate WC with a stable and controlled EC optimises the input of labour and energy. In addition, steering with a low WC provides a muchneeded generative stimulus when climate management strategies focus on minimising the energy input. Steering with a higher WC in line with high outside radiation offers the advantage of optimal vegetative development – leading to a maximum yield of high quality fruits.

2. Maximises climate management

Grotop Master distributes irrigation water efficiently to resaturate the slabs, and refresh and stabilise the EC - all with minimal direct drainage. This excellent irrigation efficiency makes it easy to synchronise various climate management strategies aimed at lowering energy input and maximise the effect on steering plant development. The specific features of Grotop Master also maintain a stable substrate EC during changeable weather conditions.

3. Outstanding crop uniformity

Grotop Master distributes irrigation water uniformly throughout the slab. A homogenous root zone environment means that all the plants receive the same generative or vegetative stimulus in accordance with climate management strategies. The result is a uniform, perfectly balanced crop that gives higher production, better quality and uses less energy.

4. Robust and vigorous plants

Thanks to the uniform slab structure, the roots grow more evenly throughout the entire slab; new, healthy roots develop easily during the complete cultivation cycle. A strong, well developed root system secures a maximum uptake of water and nutrients and produces a resilient and vigorous crop, even at times of high radiation.

5. Sustainable water and nutrient use

GRODAN Next Generation fibres do not bind nutrients and do not require flushing at the start of the cultivation cycle, drainage water can be re – used from the start of the cultivation. A targeted application of water and nutrients from the start of the cultivation cycle enables
sustainable water and fertilizer use. In combination with other management strategies this also facilitates improved crop steering and better initial setting and fruit development.

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