Ground Control Hydromulch



A 100% biodegradable fiber formulation, the simple user-friendly GroundControl product line is designed to promote vegetation growth while saving time and money. The special natural reinforcing fibers of reclaimed cotton plant material are combined with straw and a blend of proprietary additives that helps the product to blanket and contour to the surface easily. The end result is a nice uniform coverage that produces a beautiful stand of vegetation. These sustainable products made with rapidly renewable materials can contribute to LEED certification.

Cost and Time Savings

  • One Step Application Process
  • Non-clumping material makes it easy to load into machines
  • Low water-to-mulch ratio equals less trips needed to complete a job, therefore improving productivity
  • Easy color-coded product guide is as simple as 1,2,3,4... saving time from trying to decipher  complicated product names and codes

Extensive Quality Control

  • Manufactured with over 100 points of quality control and process inspections
  • Meets Erosion Control Technology Council Specifications for HECPs
  • Large Scale Performance testing conducted in accordance with current industry standards

Low Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio
A low carbon nitrogen ratio gives support to both the root and plant growth leading to healthy beautiful grass.

Non-Crusting Porous Surface
The surface of the applied GroundControl product linedoes not form a crust, allowing for rainfall infiltration to give moisture to the germinating seeds below. In addition, the soft surface allows upward plant penetration. For moderate to steep slopes, the formulation of HY-C3 & HY-C4 sheds excessive water to prevent product slumping down the slope causing jobsite failure.

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