Ground Following System (GFS)


Ag Shield is supplying a proven hydro-mechanical Ground Following System (GFS) that keeps the boom at the right height with a light wheel that just feels the ground, and adjusts the boom height automatically. This reasonably priced system has no long wiring harness to get damaged by field obstacles. There are no boom mounted mechanical or electrical switches or sensors to cause problems. It's just a simple, reliable system that goes to the field and works.

  • Boom automatically follows ground contours at 32/kmh (20/mph).
  • More accurate spraying-Fewer misses and overlaps
  • Reduced spray drift-Reduced liability from neighbors claims
  • Operator needs only to drive-More accurate application, less operator fatigue.
  • Allows wider booms in uneven fields-More acres an hour with fewer wheel tracks.
  • As a result you have an increased net income.

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