Grower`s Secret, Inc.

- Plant Growth Enhancer



Fortified with Grower's Secret Professional plant growth enhancer.Use as a general all-purpose fish fertilizer for vigorous plant growth as part of an overall fertilizer program. Apply as a foliar spray or as a soil drench.Suitable for all plant types including fruit, nut and ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, small fruits, vegetables, indoor and potted plants or, and garden and landscape plants.Perfect as a compost accelerator.

3-2-1 Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 3.0%
  • 2.9% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • 0.1% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Available Phosphate (P2O5): 2.0%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O): 1.0%

Derived from: hydrolyzed fish stabilized with phosphoric acid, soybean meal, sulfate of potash, fermented molasses, and lavender oil.

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