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Grower`s Secret, Inc.

- Organic Plant Growth Enhancer



Grower's Secret Professional (GSP) is a highly concentrated organic plant growth enhancer made with patented mushroom technology that works to speed the delivery and uptake of nutrients and water in organic and conventionally grown crops. Use in combination with plant nutrients to enhance root and plant growth and to increase yield.

  • OMRI-approved for organic food, fiber production, ornamental landscape plants and turf
  • Proprietary mushroom technology
  • Suitable for use in organic and conventional farming


a Total Nitrogen (N) ……….............. 0.35%

  • 0.006% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • 0.344% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5) ......... 0.05%
Soluble Potash (K2O) .................... 1.0%

Product sizes and weights

  • 1 fl. oz. Net weight 1.02 oz. (29 g)
  • 4 fl. oz. Net weight 4.08 oz. (116 g)
  • 34 fl. oz. Net weight 2.4 lbs. (1.1 kg) 1 gal. Net weight 9.4 lbs. (4.12 kg)

Use in combination with fertilizers and plant growth supplements for superior plant growth and yield. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Mix according to label directions and stir well before use. Prepare mix for one application only and use immediately.

IMPORTANT: Follow label directions EXACTLY and DO NOT apply more than recommended.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: GS Professional can be applied as a foliar spray, soil drench, or through drip irrigation systems. For foliar sprays, spray foliage until wet. Apply 1-4 times per month. Lawn and garden: Use 4 drops of per gallon of fertilizer or water for smaller areas. When using granular or dry fertilizers, mix 2-4 drops of GS Professional per gallon of water and apply 1-2 weeks following fertilization.

Large areas: Apply 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) of GS Professional per acre mixed with sufficient fertilizer or water for thorough coverage.

Large trees: Apply 4 drops per gallon of water or fertilizer. Wet the bark from ground to 7 feet of tree height or apply 1 gallon of diluted solution per 10 feet of tree height.

Trees under stress: Use 2 drops per gallon water and apply monthly for three months.

Hydroponics and Soil Systems: Use 2 drops per gallon of water if used in combination with other Grower’s Secret products in the Grower’s Secret Method. If no other Grower’s Secret products are applied within the same week, apply 4 drops per gallon of water. Reapply when the system is refreshed but not within 7 days of last application of a Grower’s Secret product.

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