- Model 21:20 Soy - Milk Replacer with Soy Flour



Masterfeeds Growth Spurt 21:20 Soy Based Calf Milk Replacer with Soy Flour is a high quality milk replacer with protein content derived from both dried milk ingredients and soy products. It is fully balanced and fortified with 21% protein, 20% fat, and optimum vitamin and trace mineral levels. Natural flavors are also added to enhance intake.


Growth Spurt 21:20 Soy Based Calf Milk Replacer with soy protein is intended to be fed to baby calves once colostrums feeding is completed. Depending on chosen milk replacer program, this milk replacer is fed until calves are weaned at six weeks of age. This milk replacer is designed to build strong bodies as well as promote optimum health in neonate calves.


PER FEEDING –  Two times per day.
During cold weather when environmental temps drop below 40oC for prolonged periods, increase the amount fed daily by up to 50% by providing a third daily feeding of milk replacer solution in addition OR increase the amount fed per feeding by 50%.

50% of protein content is derived from milk protein sources with 50% coming from soy products.
Ensures full utilization by the calf’s non-rumen stomach for superior digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Uses high quality human food grade fat for energy content.
Highly digestible source of energy to meet the high-energy requirement of growing calves. Promotes optimum body growth.

Contains optimum levels of minerals and vitamins, including high Vitamin E levels and selenium.
Meets mineral and vitamin levels of young calves. Prevents white muscle disease.

Enhanced with natural and artificial flavors.
Promotes intake. Highly palatable to calves.

Cost Effective.
Delivers consistent performance comparable to all milk-milk replacers or whole milk feeding at a much lower cost.

  1. Feed about two litres of good quality colostrum twice daily beginning no later than six hours following birth.
  2. Feed this feed continuously during periods of early growth.
  3. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.
  4. Introduce a good quality calf starter at four days of age.
  5. Offer free choice hay one week prior to weaning.
  6. Begin weaning calves at about six weeks of age if they are eating a minimum of 0.75 to 1 kg of calf starter per day.

Crude Protein (minimum): 21.0%
Crude Protein Milk Sources (minimum): 10.0%
Crude Fat (minimum): 20.0%
Crude Fibre (maximum): 0.25%
Calcium (actual): 0.70%
Phosphorus (actual): 0.65%
Sodium (actual): 0.55%
Vitamin A (minimum): 50,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (minimum): 8,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E (minimum): 150 IU/kg

Customer reviews

  1. By Jen Lynn Martens on

    I do not recommend this product. I bought it as it was the only masterfeed milk replacer available from our small town supplier. I had raised about 100 calves on Big F Mama no issues. I had 2 baby calves under 2 weeks old that were healthy & playing. After 1 feed of being switched onto this soy milk they had bad diarrhea. They didn't want to eat at their next feed so I alternated tubing them with electrolytes and this milk replacer. They died within 2 days so took them to vet. They were healthy they just weren't able to digest the milk.