- Model 22-22-17 - All-Milk Protein Calf Milk Replacer (Plain or Medicated)



Masterfeeds Growth Spurt 22-22-17 (Plain or Medicated) is a premium all-milk protein milk replacer specifically designed for lean muscle growth. Growth Spurt 22-22-17 is formulated with chelated minerals and MOS (manno-oligosaccharides) to promote strong, lean, healthy calves. This milk replacer is available in a medicated option to protect calves from coccidia infection.

Contains 22% protein.
Optimum lean muscle growth.

Contains 17% fat, homogenized.
Excellent performance with less nutrition scours. 

High levels of vitamins & minerals, especially vitamin E.
Improved calf health.

Chelated minerals.
For improved absorption of minerals.

Contains MOS (manno-oligosaccharides).
Ties up gram-negative bacteria in the gut. Carries infectious organisms out of the animal thus reducing the challenge of infection. Enhances immunity.

Deccox M®
Prevents infection from Coccidia.

Crude Protein (minimum): 22.0%
Crude Protein Milk Sources (minimum): 22.0%
Crude Fat (minimum): 17.0%
Crude Fibre (maximum): 0.15%
Calcium (actual): 0.95%
Phosphorus (actual): 0.7%
Sodium (actual): 0.55%
Vitamin A (minimum): 40,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (minimum): 4,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E (minimum): 150 IU/kg

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