Nuova Sguassero S.r.l.

- Model GRP-FRP-RTR - Fiber Glass Pipes


Fiberglass (GRP-FRP-RTR) piping, tanks and special pieces.

Performance Data

  • Internal Pressure: from 1 to 20 barg and over
  • External Pressure: 4 barg max
  • Stiffness: from 1285 to 10000 N/m2 and over
  • Temperature: Fluids 120° C, Gas 200° C max

Special Features

Excellent resistance to corrosion, lightness (approximately 1/8 of steel), good adaption to design, installation and operation condition.

Endurance of over 50 years.

Resin Type:
  • Orthophtalic
  • Isophtalics
  • Bisphenolic
  • Vinylester
  • Epoxy
Industrial plants, civil works, shipbuilding.

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