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Gryf - Field Cultivator



GRYF field cultivator is designed for intensive farming, causing excellent soil mixing, levelling and preparation for sowing. The cultivator can be used on various types of soils.

standard equipment:

  • drawbar Cat. 2 for a width of 3.0 m; Cat 3 for a width of 4.0 m
  • four rows of tines, 45x12 mm
  • tubular agricultural roller for crushing and pressing, 540 mm in diameter, with single-point depth control
  • spring tensioned scraper; spring diameter – 2 mm
  • clearance under the frame – 540 mm
  • 3.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted
  • 4.0; 5.0; 6.0 m version – hydraulically collapsible, mounted

optional equipment:

  • reinforced tine 45x12 mm
  • V-ring roller, 600 mm in diameter
  • rubber roller, 530 mm in diameter
  • illumination

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