- Model GS16 - Grain Harvesting Combine



Combine PALESSE GS16 by its performance ranks the top level in model range of PALESSE combines. Combine of modern technical level with 530 hp engine designed for farms with large volume of harvesting of high-yielding cereals, grains, legumes and other threshed crops.

Double drum threshing system with pre-accelerating of grain mass flow provides careful threshing and high productivity. Instead of key straw shaker combine equipped with rotary separator with two rotors, 'wrapped' with fixed lattice decks and rotating in opposite directions. Such combined scheme mixes advantages of drum threshing and rotary separation is best suited for farms, which at the same time in high volumes harvested cereal crops and corn for grain.

High level of automation of running processes eliminates operators mistakes and ensure stable operation of combine in changing conditions of harvesting. Spacious cabin of new unified series provides all conditions for operator without stress and tiredness within long working shift.

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