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Model GSI - Flexible Auger



Using PVC tubes to carry feed not only provides flexiblity in facility design, but reduces dust and protects against insects and contamination by rodents. Tubing and continuous-flight augers are available in several models: 220-300-350-500 and HR.

Wear-resistant elbows
To move feed in the air and around corners, Flex-Flo™ is available as specially shaped elbows with an increased wall thickness for improved strength and wear resistance.

Flexible-auger motors
The Flex-Flo™ systems are driven by a 1/3 to 1-1/2 hp, fully enclosed; the motors are cooled by a standard 358 RPM fan (other speeds available for special applications).

Whether belt or direct driven, the drive system has an easy-access maintenance door. A safety switch automatically stops and restarts the motor if for any reason there is a problem on the line. An easily visible warning light comes on to notify you of a problem. There is also an automatic thermal switch, which allows you to turn the system back on once the motor has cooled. All electrical connections take place in a water-resistant plastic command box.

90° access extension hoppers
Most models of Flex-Flo™ PVC tubes can cover distances up to 150 ’; the 220 model goes up to 250’. Extension hoppers are available for applications requiring distances greater than the standard length of a given system. These extensions can extend the range and can provide access at 90 degrees from the main line.

PVC pipes
The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are extruded and formed based on exacting standards and quality control. The special blend of PVC makes it possible to shape tubes and elbows with enhanced stabilisation and increased wear- and UV-resistance.

Flexible augers are coiled using high-tensile steel with wire that has been flattened before hardening, for greater resistance and a high-quality product.

Belt drive unit
The belt drive unit includes an easy-access maintenance port and automatic shutoff if the motor overheats.

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