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Designed for today’s modern grain producers and distributors, GSI’s Commercial Hopper Tanks provide years of reliable service with convenient features and benefits you won’t find with other grain storage systems. Whether you’re looking for wet or dry grain holding, overhead unloading systems, blending bins, or long term grain storage, GSI can supply just the right tank to handle the job.

The Right Tank for the Right Job
Commercial hopper tanks are typically used in applications where routine clean out is required, or just to reduce the energy and labor cost of material handling. GSI offers two varieties of commercial hopper tanks to better support the needs of this type of grain storage, the NCHT series with a strong 2.66' sidewall corrugation, and the shorter FCHT series with a wider 4.00' sidewall corrugation.

The NCHT series encompasses a full range of diameters from 12' to 36', capacities up to 58,234 bushels (1479 MT), and 40, 45, and 60 degree hopper slopes to meet virtually any hopper storage requirements.

The FCHT series is available in a 45 degree hopper slope and was designed to cover a more specific 'intermediate' range of capacities providing the strength and reliability of a stiffened tank and the cost advantage of a series designed for a specific limited size/capacity range.

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