- Commercial Hopper Tanks



GSI offers two series of commercial hopper tanks , the NCHT series with a strong 2.66' sidewall corrugation, and the shorter FCHT series with a wider 4.00' sidewall corrugation. The NCHT series encompasses a full range of diameters ( from 15' to 36' ), capacities ( up to 53,659 bushels (1513 MT)), and hopper slopes (40, 45, and 60 degree) to meet virutally any hopper storage requirements. The FCHT series is available in a 45 degree hopper slope and is designed to cover a more specific 'intermediate' range of capacities providing the strength and reliability of a stiffened tank and the cost advantage of a series designed for a specific limited size/capacity range. All sidewall is roll-formed at the GSI plant for consistency from commercial coated galvanized steel for increased durability.

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