Rome Plow Company, LLC.

Model GS - Motor Grader Sloper



Economically dress road shoulders; construct and maintain ditches; shape banks on cuts and fills; and numerous other sloping and leveling operations. Heavy-duty 16' (4.9m) long x 3/4' (19mm) thick x 20' (508mm) wide moldboard blade made from high strength steel with replaceable cutting edges and end bits. Full hydraulic control from motor grader seat allows operation completely independent of the standard motor grader blade. Available with a fixed or sliding mount with 32' (813mm) side shift. Single stage pull bar allows for an 80° sloping range. Two stage pull bar allows for a 130° sloping range. Sloping angle hydraulically controlled from 60° up to 60° down. Hydraulically controlled heel lift with 24' (610mm) vertical range. 25° blade pitch adjustment.

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